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Terms and Conditions



Meta Business Manager Setup:

To optimise your social media experience, you need to have a Meta Business Manager presence set up on your Meta account. If you don't have it, we can handle the setup for you at an additional cost of £180. This setup includes:

Configuration of Meta Business Manager to include your Instagram Business and Facebook Business profiles.

Integration of Pixel for advanced tracking.

Initial audience targeting setup.



Please note that the package prices mentioned do not include the setup of Facebook commerce or Facebook ads. These services can be added separately; please contact us for more information.


Contract Renewal:

All our social media packages operate on a monthly rolling contract. Your chosen package will automatically renew each month unless cancelled in advance.


Infographic Posts and Reels:

Infographic posts or reels can be incorporated into any package but are priced separately. Please contact us for a personalised quote (POA).

Facebook management:

OnTheDot operates on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn and does not engage in any activities on Facebook, except for mirroring posts from Instagram. The limited Facebook-related activities are solely technical in nature and pertain to Meta Business Manager.


LinkedIn and TikTok Management:

For LinkedIn or TikTok management services, please reach out to us separately. We offer customised solutions to suit your business needs.


Initial Image Requirement

If we haven't conducted a photoshoot for your business, we will require a minimum of 50 high-quality images and 20 videos to initiate your social media strategy effectively.

General imagery requirement:

Unless you have purchased one of our photoshoot packages, you will need to provide us with at least 50 high quality images per month via Telegram group or WeTransfer, by the 12th of each month.

Video Requirement:

For the creation of video reels, we will need video content provided by you unless you have purchased a photo shoot package. If no videos are provided, we will create reels using images only when included in your contract.

Editorial Calendar and Content Approval:

CloudCampaign is the software we utilise to upload our editorial calendar. You will need to provide your media by the 12th of each month, and we will present your editorial calendar on the 20th of each month, reflecting the content for the next month. You will then have 3 working days to approve or make amendments to the content. Unapproved posts will not be published.

The promotional offer is only valid for new clients.


Live content publication: 

While On The Dot operates with a content strategy in place, we understand that there may be instances where you require live, real-time content, such as to reflect changes in circumstances. We allow up to 7 additional pieces of content to be published in the form of Instagram stories each month. To accommodate live content, please communicate your request at least 24 hours in advance, and the content will need to be provided by the client.

Free Photo Shoot T&Cs:

The free photo shoot is included when signing up for the following social media packages: Social DOT Plus, Social DOT Pro, and Social DOT Premium for a minimum of a three-month period within the same package. It is not included in the Social DOT Lite package.

The areas covered by the free photo shoot service include Greater London, Kent, Sussex, and Hertfordshire.

The free photo shoot, known as the "Shooting DOT Basic," includes 150 naturally light-edited images and 10 edited videos unless otherwise stated.

Images will be edited and used on the Client's social media profiles and will be delivered to the Client at the end of the third month of collaboration. 

Expenses related to the free photo shoot are not covered and should be borne by the client. These expenses may include travel expenses and parking fees.

By engaging our photo shoot services, you agree to the "PHOTO SHOOT terms and conditions". We are dedicated to delivering quality visual content for your social media needs and look forward to collaborating with you.


Service Description:
On the Dot Business Management provides professional services, including but not limited to Sole Trader Setup, Self Assessment, New LTD Company Setup, and related accounting services.

Client Obligations:
Clients are required to provide accurate and complete information during the setup process, including personal details and necessary documentation.


Payments for services are non-refundable once the setup process has commenced.


Contractual Agreement:
Clients will receive a contract for specific services after purchase. It is the client's responsibility to review and sign the contract promptly to proceed with the setup process.


HMRC Decisions:
HMRC decisions are beyond On The Dot's control.


Data Security:
On the Dot Business Management prioritises the security and confidentiality of client information. All provided data is handled in compliance with data protection regulations.


Clients may contact On the Dot Business Management at for any questions or assistance during the setup process.


Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR):
Clients will receive an official letter from HMRC containing their UTR number within 8 weeks after setup submission. These timings may vary during HMRC busy times.



Additional Hours for Untidy Documents (Self Assessment):On the Dot Business Management may require additional hours if documents are sent untidy. These hours will be charged at £45 per hour, and clients will be notified before proceeding.

Service Description (Self Assessment):


Draft Confirmation (Self Assessment):Before submitting the Self Assessment, clients will receive a draft for their review and confirmation. On The Dot will not proceed to submission until client approval has been received.


LTD Companies Subscription Services:

Subscription and Renewal:

Upon purchasing our LTD Companies Subscription Services, you are automatically subscribed to the chosen service, renewing on a monthly basis for uninterrupted support.

Service Switching:

Clients have the flexibility to switch between services based on their evolving business requirements.

Onboarding Process:

After purchase, clients will receive an email outlining the onboarding process, including subscribing to the service, filling out the provided form, and our team reaching out to assist with any questions.

Additional Support or Customisation:

We understand that each business is unique. Clients can contact our team to discuss additional support or customize services to meet specific needs.

Payment Missed and Service Suspension:

If a payment is missed, our system will attempt to process it again. If the issue persists, the service may be temporarily suspended. Contact us to resolve any payment-related concerns promptly.

Subscription Cancellation:

Clients can cancel their subscription at any time. However, if canceled mid-year, a penalty fee may apply, as our fees are based on a calendar year collaboration. Contact our team for more details.

New Companies Setup Benefit:

New companies subscribing to our services will benefit from free setup.

Registered Address Services:

We do not offer registered address services. Clients interested in this service can purchase it from a third-party provider (e.g., Companies Made Simple) for approximately £100 per year.

By engaging with On the Dot Business Management services, clients acknowledge and agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.

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