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Explore our dynamic portfolio, featuring a variety of businesses we've helped thrive. From nurturing startups to bolstering growth for established entities, our strategic and creative solutions make a real difference.

WonderYogi by Charlotte Lazzari

WonderYogi by Charlotte Lazzari

Chef Valentina Harris

  • Business management for Valentina Harris

  • Video and photo shoots

  • Instagram and LinkedIn management @chef_valentina

  • Wikipedia

  • Branding and web design

Valentina Harris

Orti della Legnana, Milan

Orti della Legnana Milan


Social media management Cipriani London, Socialista London and Cipriani Ibiza


Kledi Kadiu and KlediDance Desenzano

Kledi Kadiu

Caccia and Tails, Lewes

Caccia & Tails
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