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On the Dot Business Management is a dynamic, forward-thinking consultancy specialising in empowering startups and scaling businesses. With its roots in Tunbridge Wells and an active presence in Italy, the firm has an international footprint, offering extensive support to businesses regardless of their location.

On the Dot provides a comprehensive 360-degree service that supports businesses at every stage. It begins with an insightful discovery call with Eva Viola Tedeschi, who assesses clients' needs and devises strategies to fuel their growth.

In addition to expert consultancy for first-time business owners and advice on fiscal matters, On the Dot offers a range of branding services. A dedicated graphic designer works closely with clients to create an enticing visual identity, crafting a brand that genuinely represents the client's vision and ethos.

Building upon this foundation, On the Dot further assists in website development, ensuring that each client's online presence is a true reflection of their products or services. The firm understands the power of a well-designed website in attracting and retaining clients.

Moreover, On the Dot recognises the significance of social media marketing in the current business landscape. It emphasises Instagram marketing to ensure that each client's business stays on top of trends, reaches its target audience, and harnesses the power of digital engagement.

On the Dot Business Management's commitment to fostering growth from seed to tree makes it a reliable partner in every business's journey towards success.


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