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Eva, CEO and founder


I’m Eva. Mum, manager and master of all things business. 


I own and manage OnTheDot; a Virtual Assistant service which integrates admin, creativity and business strategy in order to elevate your company. 


Coming from a background of independent businesses, I always knew that small businesses would be my speciality. It’s impossible to understand the difficulties of managing a small business unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Life can be tough living in the shadows of big corporations with even bigger budgets, but it can be made a little easier with specialist help.  


In addition to my frontline experience in business ownership, I also have a sales strategies qualification and a psychology of sales qualification. Furthermore, I am currently qualifying to be a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.


Enough about me, allow me to introduce you to the rest of the team… 

AndreJ, business support & web design

With experience in project management, I have a background in supporting start-ups and building businesses. Your website is often the first port-of-call for potential clients, so it’s important to get it right, remember – first impressions count.


I have designed and launched websites for a number of small businesses, using Wix, WordPress and Shopify for eCommerce, taking into consideration both the visual and practical elements which give websites the clicks they deserve. It’s easy to fall into a bottomless pit of spending on online platforms, but at OnTheDot you can build your dream website at affordable and fair prices.


Different businesses have different needs, which is why we have created three different packages, based on the size and requirements of your business. Take a closer look at our packages/services here.


eloisa, graphic designer

I specialise in all things visual.


As a graphic designer and illustrator, I translate the images in your head into images on paper, acting as the vehicle for your artistic expression. I take care of creating images which best represent you; utilising specific styles in order to highlight your personal and professional strengths.


They say ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ and here at OnTheDot, we can communicate the message behind your brand in a single graphic.

robin, content writer

As a recent literature and creative writing graduate, I didn’t want my skills to be swallowed by the cogs of a big corporation.


I joined OnTheDot as a freelance writer, putting my degree to good use in the form of website content, social media marketing and blog writing. Words are our tools; we use them to communicate, to entertain and, crucially, to sell. I know how to put words to good use, balancing creativity and craft to express the inexpressible.


In a world of competition, your content needs to stand out - so make every word count. 

photo_2022-02-02 09.51.29.jpeg

Francesca, INstagram strategist

I am a marketing content creator expert with a finger on the pulse of current and future design trends, colours, and styles. 

With strong video, photo, and Canva editing skills, I specialises in Instagram Reels strategy, a rapidly growing form of social media marketing.

And with a background as a product manager in the fashion industry, I have gained knowledge to turn a brand’s weaknesses into strengths, by building a fresh marketing strategy.

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