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Embark on a journey of unparalleled online presence with our Social DOT Premium package.

As expert marketers, we understand the nuances of online marketing and offer a comprehensive package to take your brand to new heights.


Key Features:

- Briefing: it all starts with a 1-hour long 1:1 videocall with a branding expert to create the perfect strategy for your Instagram profile

- 3 posts/week: Consistent content to engage your audience including 4 Reels per month (frequency may vary based on the profile type and amount of content)

- Hashtags: amplify reach and discoverability.

- Geolocated Posts: connect with your local audience for targeted impact.

- Editorial Calendar on CloudCampaign: streamline content creation and scheduling.

- 6/9 Weekly Stories: share dynamic, time-sensitive updates.

- Captions: crafted by a writer for brand resonance and audience connection.

- Copywriting: this service involves the expertise of a professional writer to create compelling and engaging content tailored to your brand's voice and audience, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

- Telegram Group: real-time collaboration and decision-making for quick responses.

- Quarterly Analytics: dive deep into performance insights to refine your strategy.

- Infographic posts (Max 6 Contents): eye-catching visuals to amplify your messaging.

- Highlights: curate and showcase your brand's best moments and offerings.

Reply to DMs and comments: ensure a responsive and engaged community for a thriving online presence.

- TikTok integration: tap into the trending platform for maximum reach and brand exposure.

- FREE Photoshoot (with 3-Month sign-up): elevate your visual brand identity with professional, customised imagery. 400 photos + 20 video Reels 

- DMs management: seamless appointment booking to enhance customer experience.

- Engagement: foster genuine connections, conversations, and community growth.

- Advertising budget: "Social DOT Premium" includes a monthly budget for advertising through META. This allows your business to further promote your brand or products through paid advertising channels for increased visibility and reach.

- Monthly rolling contract: flexibility for seamless adaptation to evolving strategies.


With the "Social Dot Premium" we deploy our expertise in online marketing to transform your brand's digital landscape. Elevate your online presence, engagement, and conversions with a tailored strategy that speaks directly to your audience. 


Terms&Conditions apply

Social DOT Premium

Price Options
Social DOT Premium
£820.00every month until canceled
  • Meta Business Manager Setup:

    To optimise your social media experience, you need to have a Meta Business Manager presence set up on your Meta account. If you don't have it, we can handle the setup for you at an additional cost of £180. This setup includes:

    Configuration of Meta Business Manager to include your Instagram Business and Facebook Business profiles.

    Integration of Pixel for advanced tracking.

    Initial audience targeting setup.


    Please note that the package prices mentioned do not include any activities on Facebook nor the setup of Facebook commerce or Facebook ads. These services can be added separately; please contact us for more information.

    Contract Renewal:

    All our social media packages operate on a monthly rolling contract. Your chosen package will automatically renew each month unless cancelled in advance.

    Infographic Posts and Reels:

    Infographic posts or reels can be incorporated into any package but are priced separately. Please contact us for a personalised quote (POA).

    LinkedIn and TikTok Management:

    For LinkedIn or TikTok management services, please reach out to us separately. We offer customised solutions to suit your business needs.

    Initial Image Requirement

    If we haven't conducted a photoshoot for your business, we will require a minimum of 50 high-quality images and 20 videos to initiate your social media strategy effectively.

    General imagery requirement:

    Unless you have purchased one of our photoshoot packages, you will need to provide us with at least 50 high quality images per month via Telegram group or WeTransfer, by the 12th of each month.

    Video Requirement:

    For the creation of video reels, we will need video content provided by you unless you have purchased a photo shoot package. If no videos are provided, we will create reels using images only when included in your contract.

    Editorial Calendar and Content Approval:

    CloudCampaign is the software we utilise to upload our editorial calendar. You will need to provide your media by the 12th of each month, and we will present your editorial calendar on the 20th of each month, reflecting the content for the next month. You will then have 3 working days to approve or make amendments to the content.

    The promotional offer is only valid for new clients.

    Free Photo Shoot T&Cs:

    The free photo shoot is included when signing up for the following social media packages: Social DOT Plus, Social DOT Pro, and Social DOT Premium. It is not included in the Social DOT Lite package.

    The areas covered by the free photo shoot service include Greater London, Kent, Sussex, and Hertfordshire.

    The free photo shoot, known as the "Shooting DOT Basic," includes 150 naturally light-edited images and 10 edited videos (unless otherwise stated).

    Expenses related to the free photo shoot are not covered and should be borne by the client. These expenses may include travel expenses and parking fees.

    By engaging our photo shoot services, you agree to the "PHOTO SHOOT terms and conditions". We are dedicated to delivering quality visual content for your social media needs and look forward to collaborating with you.

  • When you sign up with us, here's what you can expect:

     • Setting up your Meta Business Manager: If you don't already have a Meta Business Management set up, don't worry! We can take care of that for you.

     • Confirmation of purchase and access to resources: You'll receive a payment confirmation along with links to important resources like the "Instagram Onboarding Form" and guides such as "How to Take Photos for Instagram" and "Instagram Guide for New Clients".

     • Monthly content submission deadline: to ensure a seamless content creation process, please send us all the necessary content for the upcoming month by the 12th of each month.

     • Content calendar delivery: we'll diligently work on your content calendar and provide it to you by the 20th of every month via Cloud Campaign.

     • Review and approval process: you'll have three working days to review and approve the proposed content for the following month.

     • Scheduling: once your content is approved, it will be scheduled for posting.



    Please note that if you sign up after the 12th of the month, we may need to adjust the start date for working on your content calendar for the following month. This depends on various factors such as the amount of content and other circumstances.

    We're here to make sure your social media strategy is executed seamlessly. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. We're excited to begin this journey with you!

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